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We thrive in extending our helping hand to provide services along with our SBCs, Rugged Systems and deliver a complete solution uniquely tailored towards your ( customer’s ) needs.

The solution that we can tailor would be based on your needs to help kick start your project. Our goal is to help you be ready for your development including application development, OS integration, cables, power supply, heating solutions and more.

We have strategic partnerships with various software and hardware providers for extremely customized requirements for custom device driver development, custom firmware development and hardware development.


OS And Application Services :

  • Custom Operating System image building for Windows CE Compact, Windows Embedded 7, Linux and QNX. VxWorks integration available upon request.
  • BSP development for all the above said operating systems for x86 platform and solutions targeted for Digital Signage, Industrial Controls, Communication devices and more.
  • Device driver integration and customization for features like GPIO control, WDT control, SPI communication and more.
  • IMGD, LCD/LVDS, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-485 Keyboard/Mouse drivers along with boot-loader, file system, kernel source and other OS components to provide GUI or headless images.
  • Custom application and demo programs with source code to control various interfaces provided by the board and/or the system.
  • Controlling serial port protocol through software commands for high speed serial controllers with multi-protocol capability.

Testing Services :

  • DVT testing and performance testing
  • Extended temperature testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Reliability testing

Development Services :

  • Custom hardware development based on standard product offering.
  • Complete custom development acting as an ODM
  • BIOS development/customization with UEFI BIOS on x86 platform

Special Services:

  • ARM development partnership program
  • 3 way partnership for various licensing of software