Project Description

Cyber Box-NUC3

Cyber Box-NUC3 was born out of a customer specific requirement and has become one of Cadia’s first RoughNUC-Cluster solutions. This Cyber platform is configured with three Intel NUCs. A Dual Core i5 acts as the Master Controller linking directly (not through a switch) to two Quad Core i7s via individual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Each of the three NUCs have dedicated power supplies. This platform can operate in many different cluster applications or in various combinations down to discrete compute nodes.

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Feature Highlights

  • Small & Light Cluster
  • Master Controller
    • Dual Core i5
    • Up to 16 GB RAM
    • Up to 512GB SSD Storage
    • Dual Display Ports ( mini-HDMI, mini-Display Port)
    • 2x 3.0 USB- Rear Panel, 2x 2.0 USB Front Panel
    • 3x Gigabit Ethernet Rear Panel, 2x Gigabit Ethernet Internal Cluster Links
  • Nodes
    • 2x Quad Core i7
    • Up to 32 GB RAM ea.
    • Up to 512 GB nVME SSD Storage ea.
    • Rear Panel I/O
      • Dual Display Ports (HDMI, mini Display Port) ea.
      • 1x 3.0 USB ea.
      • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
      • 1x USB C
  • Front Panel Controls
    • Independent Power Switches
    • LEDs
      • Individual HDD Activity
      • Master-Node Link/Activity
  • Power Section
    • Individual Power Supply for each NUC
    • One AC Power Inlet
  • Sze: 6.5(L) 6.5(W) 9.0(D)

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