Cadia’s Support Commitment to our Customers

At Cadia Networks, we understand support is essential in building long standing customer relationships. Our support team is ready and able to help facilitate your needs. Please do remember the scope of this support is limited to the products we sell and the usage of them. In the event your needs go beyond our standard product support policies, you will be advised and referred to Professional Services. This group has a broad range talents and is willing to engage with you on a consultation fee basis.

Cadia Networks’s Other Areas of Support & Services

Your project’s success is our success. Our Engineering & Support teams are able to help in many different areas. We have expertise in Custom BIOS, OS Porting, Driver Support, Compliance Testing, EMS and ODM services. Many of these items may require service fees or contractual arrangements. Please contact your Business Development Manager or for initial consultation.

We have found we can best serve our customers if they first look at our FAQs for common out-of-the-box issues. Beyond this, please complete the service request form below and provide us with as much detail about your issue such that our support personnel can research the issue as needed.

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Defective Products Classification

I:Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) products, or Defective-On-Arrival products: Products found to be faulty upon arrival, or as soon as they are put into use within the first 30 days from the date of dispatch, either due to damage in transit or defects in the products.

  • For DOA products, customers can choose from the following services:

A. Servicing at the nearest local sales office of Cadia Networks

B. Replacement with a product of same specifications

C.Return service


II:Warranted defective products: Products whose defects are found and reported within the warranty period and are covered by the warranty.

  • For warranted defective products, Cadia Networks will provide free repair or replacement.

III:Defective products not protected by warranty: Products outside the warranty period, or products not covered by the warranty for other reasons.

  • For defective products that are outside of the warranty period, Cadia Networks can provide paid maintenance services.

Return and Repair Procedure

 Before sending any Cadia Networks product back for return or repair, you need to send your return or repair-request to us including the following details:

 ﹡Company name and address

﹡Contact person (name, phone, fax or email)

﹡Delivery address

﹡Sender’s reference (order number and order date)

﹡Your repair order number and date (for repairs)

﹡Serial Number and short name of every unit (for old units without a serial number, state short name, part number and release/revision)

﹡Fault description (for repairs) or reason for return (for returns)

The return and repair Request should be sent either by email or by fax to the following address/ 25182 Stageline Drive, Laguna Hills CA 92653: or you can contact your Cadia Networks sales representaive for assistance.

Email address :

Tel: (949) 945-5534

Fax No.


Cadia Networks will confirm the feasibility of the repair and issue a RMA number to the customer for tracking the repair status.


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