With over 25 years in the embedded computing market, our Business Development Managers understand the B2B level of business commitments required to build meaningful and long term relationships. The baseline of all of our products are designed around industry standards. We work with our customer to achieve perfect fit solutions either through the deployment of standard products, product variances or full custom designs of OEM boards, systems, and services.

Baseline of Products & Services

Single Board Computers

  • Board range of small form factor single board computers based on open industry standards. UCFF, OPS, NanoITX, PicoITX, MiniITX, EPIC, PC/104, PC/104Plus, Qseven.
  • Processor Agnostic
    • x86 architecture ranging from LX800, Atoms through Core i7.
    • ARM products includes Freescale’s Cortex i.MX5 A8 & i.MX6 A9 with single, dual and quad core processors.
  • Application Specific configurations with high density onboard I/O.

Embedded Systems

  • By design, our systems are targeted to be used in both fixed and mobile applications. Each have various degrees of ruggedization and all are fanless. Systems are available in both commercial and industrial temp. Several Conduction Cooled & Cableless systems are available.
  • Creating the best balance between power vs. performance is our primary goal in each system development. All have a small footprint with low-power and extended temp options.
  • We offer a wide range of standard configuration options, including processor type, various combinations of I/O, wide input voltage ranges, SDD storage, etc.
  • Integration services include 3rd party content, preloading of OS & software images and much more.
  • For perfect fit solutions, Cadia can customize our boards, systems and enclosures in order to meet your specific application requirements.

Professional Services

Our services helps provide customers with the missing link in their projects. These gaps in product realization often causes great delays in time to market and competitive disadvantages. Let Cadia Networks fill in those missing links and become an extension of your engineering teams today! We thrive in extending a helping hand to provide services in the following areas:

  • Custom Driver Development
  • Operating System Porting – Board Support Packages – Linux, Android, Windows, QNX
  • ODM standard product variants and full custom designs – I/O boards, SBCs – x86 & ARM
  • Custom System Enclosures
  • Environmental and Compliancy Testing & Certifications