Project Description

IP6700 Systems are build around our IP-67 rated Waterproof fanless platform. They can be provisioned with a broad range of single board computers (SBCs) for requirements with specific processing, graphic, I/O and communication application needs. All packed in a 150mm x 185mm x 54mm Aluminum chassis. Designed for Simplicity and yet configurable for many demanding environments. One size never fits all and any attempt always comes along at an elevated cost in both economic and bloated functionality. Keeping things simple, 0ur standard IP6700 product offering allows for a choice of processors, system RAM and mSATA SSD: Atom, Celeron, i3 & i5. Each system is shipped with a standard set of waterproof I/O cables for Power, USB, GigE and HDMI. Please refer to the product matrix below. Because one side never fits all, Cadia Networks expects to work with customers on their application specific needs. Often we fine the need for different combinations of I/O connector and cable requirements.

Highlights: IP6700 Platforms

Won’t blow your budget out of the water or kick sand in your face!

  •  IP67 Water & Dust Proof
  • Aluminum Fanless Chassis
    • 150mm x 185mm x 54mm
  • Core i3, i5, Atom or Celeron
    • Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Bay Trail
  • Standard & Customs Configurations
    • External I/O Connectors
    • Interface Cable Assemblies
    • Front & Rear Panels
  • Preinstalled Operating Systems
    • Windows, WinCE, WES7/8 , Linux & Android